Help Others – Face Shields for Healthcare

In a time when so much of us have no control, it’s important to reflect on the things we can.

As Covid spread, my family locked down with everyone else. Still, I wished there was something I could do to help people, without putting myself or others at risk. Especially our healthcare workers who are the first responders and on the battlefront every day, risking their lives to keep us healthy and safe.

In late February I happened to get a Prusa 3D printer for another project. As Covid spread across Europe I saw that Josef Prusa (the maker of the printer) put together an initiative (in 3 days) to start turning out face shields (solid leadership).

So I printed a few and had some window covering sitting around which I used as a shield and made a few.

I then committed myself to making 100.


1). While It’s not a huge impact, it IS an impact. One of them could save someone’s life.

2). How will I look back on this time? What will I say of my actions? Was I being my best self? I want to be able to know I did something positive and helped others.

3). What will my daughter think of that time? My wife and I both have been making masks and faceshields. From this our daughter sees that a). When the going gets tough, do something and b). Help others however you can.

Ultimately the point is that we can all do something. Whether it is making masks, face shields, posting support on social media for first responders, or just calling a friend to check up on them, we are all capable to help someone.

As challenging as this time is for everyone, it is also bringing out the good in people and I am inspired by the good that we are all capable of.

That effort comes back 10-fold to us in the positive feelings and pride in knowing that we tried to better someone’s life.

These face shields are headed to New York to help with the overwhelming challenges there.

You can help out by donating at a number of websites.

Or print your own.

3D printed face shields for medics and professionals

Stay safe.

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