Getting Your Idea Through

Boom, there it is. A wonderful idea. It came to you one day. You have sat on it and thought through the ramifications of x, y and z and concluded this is awesome. Now what?

Well, now you have to pitch it. Just like any business idea, convincing your kid to do their homework or telling your friends why Steamboat snowboarding is way better than Keystone (it is btw) you need to persuade people to accept your idea and follow the flag into battle.

A few thoughts on how to go about doing this.

Build alliances
You cannot go it alone. Buy in is everything. Let me repeat that. Buy in is everything. Whether you are in the trenches or a general at the back of the field, you must get buy in from everyone that your idea will impact.

Build a case
In order for anyone to appreciate where you are coming from, you must first present a logical argument. Use Charts, slide shows, numbers, pretty pictures whatever is needed to make your case, but don’t just say ‘here’s my idea’. Sell it with results. A key component to remember is that whether you are talking to the board of directors or the receptionist, keep it simple.

Stick with it
It may take a month and it may take 5 years. Success is not for the weak hearted. In the words of Winston Churchill “never, never, never give up”.

Make sure your plan consists of measurements. “Here how it was last year, here we are today and here is what we can measure against in the future”.

When that idea does come through and noticeable results are visible, make sure to celebrate the small victories and tell the world.

Go get em.

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