5 apps I cannot function without

If my phone were to limit me to 5 apps tomorrow, I would have to go with these.

My entire life is run on Omnifocus. Without this app everything stops. Omnifocus helps me stay focused and always thinking in both short-term and long-term cycles. I break my lists into priorities: Day, Week, Month, Ongoing, and Some Day. This app lets me figure out what needs to be done, then let’s me focus more on doing by getting it out of my head and onto my phone.

To me things go into buckets. If it is a to do it goes into Omnifocus, if it’s a bigger list or a note that is a little more substantial it goes into Evernote, if it’s a document it goes into Google docs. Evernote is great because it syncs between devices, gives me different notebooks to segment my life and allows formatting. I haven’t even dug into the real capabilities, but a notebook that syncs is an app that everyone should have.

Google Drive
Shared Google docs are the best. Syncing across devices allows me to work on something from anywhere as well as share docs in real time with other contributors. Great for both business and personal use.

Day One
Journaling is a great thing for the psyche. My mobile device is always on me and is the most convenient way to write something down. Day One is great because it has a secure passcode, syncs across devices and includes formatting and a variety of other options. Journaling helps me write my way through things and clear my head, Day One does a pretty good job of keeping up.

While I am doing all of the above, I need some good tunes to keep me energized and in the zone. Whether it’s Rage Against the Machine, Neon Trees, or Phantogram, Spotify let’s me rock it no matter where I am.

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