Leadership Through Messaging

It starts with buy-in.

You and your team have just been dropped into the Pacific Ocean. They are looking to you for leadership and vision. They need to know that someone has a plan and things are going to be ok.

Achieving goals truly consistent with vision is a very real challenge. It takes repetition, discipline, and leadership. The team must see the island and be rowing in the same direction to succeed. The key to unlocking this potential is in messaging.

First things first
Define the vision. They need to know which way gives them the best chance and which direction to row. Make the best judgement you can and point to an island and get all of your people rowing in the right direction.

Messaging from day 1
Preach the vision with conviction. Speak to the vision from day 1 – from top leadership to everyone that a new hire will come in contact with. Be consistent from the start.

Messaging daily
7 times. People finally start to come around after hearing or seeing something 7 times. Repetition is key. In meetings, on projects, in email, in a hello and goodbye, make your culture, values, and goals a consistent part of every day.

Messaging by example
People appreciate fairness. They will not feel part of something greater if there is inconsistency in messaging from the top of the mountain. Walk the talk. Show the team that the values start with you. Focus on motivating the team, but when it’s needed, pick up an oar.

Messaging through tough decisions
If anyone is rowing in the wrong direction, the whole team suffers. Think of the core, if the core is unhappy at others performance, your business will suffer. Work with this person and have the team work with this person, but if it doesn’t work, show the rest of your team that you are making the right decision for the team.

Once the team is rowing in the same direction, things get done. You reach the island, you set up camp, you build a village, aqueducts, and communication towers. Based on this core vision, communicated through consistent messaging people will work together towards the greater goals of the organization. Things get done and the team will take pride in achieving a goal and contributing to something great.

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