It’s about priority, not time

Today, a good deal of people feel crunched and always ‘on’. There is always something. Technology has made people too connected, too accessible, and constantly engaged. It makes us feel like we don’t have enough time for everything.

We all share the same 24 hours in a day, and lead very different lives. Though time is a constant, it feels different based on our situation. If your kid is screaming at the doctors office, 10 minutes feels like a year. If you are enjoying your favorite beer with friends over a campfire 10 minutes feels like seconds. Time is relative and we all feel like there is not enough of it.

We can’t control time, but we can control how we assign priority to what we perceive as important. A few simple steps can help to make you feel like you have time again.

First, you have to define what it is you need to and want to do. Assessing something and putting it into a category makes it easier to do it, assign it to someone else, or let it go. A great way to evaluate priority is the Eisenhower Decision matrix. Be realistic. You can’t do everything. Think about what is important and build your life around those priorities. If fishing is what helps center you, make sure it is a priority. If spending time with your kids is important, make it happen, consistently.

Be Consistent
As with all things, the key to success here is consistency. Set up an alert, write it on a post-it, do whatever you have to do to be consistent in making the important a priority. Promise yourself to do it 7 times. They say 7 times makes a habit. Try it out.

Own it
Nobody else on this planet can tell you what you feel is important. You make the decision on what is important and where you spend your time. You can change it tomorrow. It’s hard to let some things go, and it’s difficult to maintain discipline to be consistent, but it’s worth it.

If you feel overwhelmed, as a lot of people do, it may be time to make a change. It’s not complicated, you just need to own it, evaluate, and repeat.


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